The Legend Of The Temper Tree

The Temper Tree - Baum des Lebens

„Die Legende besagt, dass alle Menschen aus den Wurzeln des Temper Tree geformt werden. Dabei bekommt jeder die Eigenschaften mit auf den Weg, die der Wurzel entsprechen, aus der er geformt wurde. Eine faulige Wurzel ergibt einen übellaunigen und hartherzigen Menschen, eine wohlgeformte Wurzel einen besonders schönen Menschen. Aus einer Wurzel von absurder Form wird ein humorvoller und unangepasster Mensch, aus einer geraden Wurzel ein zielstrebiger und geradliniger Mensch. So gibt es unzählige Formen und Eigenschaften, die der großen Vielfalt innerhalb der gesamten Menschheit entsprechen.“

- Auszug aus The Temper Tree, Baum des Lebens -

The Temper Tree - Tree Of Life

"The legend says that every human being is formed from the roots of the Temper Tree.
During this process every individual will get specific characteristics that represent the root it was made from. A foul root will make a moody and hard-hearted being, a well-formed root will result in creating an especially pretty person. A root from absurd form will result in  a humurous and maybe maladjusted, free minded human being, very determined and straight people will derive from evenly shaped roots. Therefore we have uncountable features and qualities, that represent the huge diversity in all mankind."

- Abstract from The Temper Tree, Tree Of Life -


Founded in late 2014 by singer David Becker, guitarist Matthias Heinz (both masterminds of the former german Rockband Thorn.Eleven during the early 2000s) and drummer Kai Bergerin (who played for death-metal band Disbelief amongst others ) have released their selftited debut album in 2019 and are ready to hit the stores with their new album this fall - already advanced by their brand new single "A Violent Act". 
The team has been rounded up lately by adding bass player Mik Baron. 
The Temper Tree´s songs move somewhere between rock and pop, riff an melody, catchiness and well-dosed depth. Just listen for yourself...

THE TEMPER TREE are (from left to right): Matthias Heinz - Guitar, David Becker - Vocals & Guitar, Kai Bergerin - Drums - Mik Baron - Bass Guitar